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Tri-state Awana - Official Website for Awana in Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

Awana Ministry Conferences / Leader Recharges Coming Up!

Awana has one mission: to reach AMC2014logo_rgbevery child, everywhere with the gospel of Jesus Christ and engage them in long-term discipleship.

You make this happen — and we want to help you expand your ministry to kids in ways you’ve never thought possible.

But we know that the needs of your church are different from the needs of the church across the state or even across town. The families you reach come with their own unique stories. Ministry can’t fit into a box — different circumstances require different methods. Continue reading

Club is winding down!

What an amazing club year we have seen across the Tri-state Awana area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Many boys and girls have accepted Christ, discipleship is ongoing and leadership training is developing to meet all leaders and staff in your club.  You can do much training online now at  under “Equip Leaders”.

Soon our training events for the late summer and fall will be appearing so keep checking back for updates.

Pray for the 500 volunteers going to Angola Prison this weekend (May 15-16) to minister to inmates and their children!

The Tri-state Missionary Team

Fullers, Goodrow, Meyers and Mosses

Blessings from the Tri-State Awana ministry!


1)  “Dear Missionary”
I am 7 years old and asked Jesus to be my personal Savior. Thank you for Awana! I love hearing stories about Jesus and the Bible. We prey for you!
Awana Spark!

2)  A grandaughter of one of our Tri-State Awana missionaries led a friend to the Lord on the school bus!

3)  We recently visited a church in the Philadelphia area – our Large Group message was a skit of the Christmas Story (Luke 2) where we used several clubbers on stage. Afterwards, 2 clubbers (in the skit) trusted Christ as Savior; one of them approached us to say “thanks” – and asked: “I found out that I really don’t know Jesus, can you show me how to have Jesus as MY Savior?”
Afterwards, we encouraged the clubber to ‘tell the Commander’ – and that started a series of testimonies from this clubber to the leaders! Praise the Lord!