Workshop Titles and Descriptions for Mini and All Day Conferences in October.

Workshops and descriptions for the Mini-Conferences Only for Central PA Region (Moss)


Behavior 101

Exploring why we BEhave the way we do and how to address BEhaviors biblically.


Leading a Dynamic Small Group (Handbook Time)

The truth of the matter is simple: each week, God is placing you in a position to shape a generation for Christ. And all He asks is for you to be faithful along the way.  Let us help you relieve some of the stress and the pressure of this precious time we can share with our clubbers.


Getting the Gospel into every area of your club.

In Awana we talk about the Gospel being so important.  If that is the case how can we work the Gospel message into every area of or club night?  Come find out some creative ways to do just that in your club.



Come and learn the how and why of scripture memorization to help your clubbers and yourself to memorize more effectively.


The full list of workshops for the Mt. Joy full day conference including those listed above are as follows:

Round Table Discussion groups for Preschoolers – Youth Ministries including Game Directors.

Relational Discipleship with Preschoolers

Relational Discipleship with Sparks and T&T

Relational Discipleship with Youth Ministries

Awana Go – Adding Excitement and Energy to your club

Behavior – Why kids act the way they do and how to direct them rightly

Sparks Getting Beyond the Basics

Leader Appreciation

How to help clubbers Memorize

How You can use the Trek material in you existing Youth Ministry

Balloon Sculptures are not just fun they are effective.

How to have a Dynamic Small Group time.

How to implement the T&T Changes in your club.

Highlights of the new LEAD training.

Special needs children and how to serve them in your club.

Connecting with your clubbers parents.

Creative ways to share the Gospel.

11 Ways to share the Gospel with Digital Natives.

11 Ways to serve Busy Parents in a Busy World.

The art of Oral Storytelling – The Bible as a Narrative

Round Table discussion of the various Computer Software options for Record Keeping in club



Awana Ministry Conferences in October 2016

Connect logo 2016

The Great Connection
Pursuing the Sweet Spot of Your Awana Ministry

Every lifelong follower of Jesus is shaped through knowing God’s Word and being in relationship with Him and His people.
Effective disciples are made when Bible engagement and Christ-centered relationship intersect. We call this intersection The Great Connection.
You experience The Great Connection every week at your Awana club as you invest in kids relationally and help them engage with God’s Word.
Be better equipped, to not only run great programs, but to keep investing in relational disciple-making with kids and families.

Join us at either the full day conference in Mt. Joy, PA on the 8th or one of the 4 mini evening conferences held in the month of October.  Check the calendar on the website for dates and times.

Please plan to attend one of the conferences this fall to be better prepared to serve your clubbers in your church.

Go to the event calendar and check out the dates in October for these leader training events.

Join us for a LEAD Training event in Harrisburg Area

lead graphic

Lead is a blended learning experience, which includes social learning, video, reflection, introspection, and a two day conference.  The two day classroom learning will help you network with other leaders as we serve the Lord and LEAD others.  You will be asked if you want to join a Facebook group to get you ready for the Lead experience and to follow up after the event to share pictures and videos to the closed group of attendees and staff.

You can register online

The dates are January 13th and 14th, 2017 at New Life Church, New Cumberland, PA.  Register early for the best rates.  Contact Lanty Moss at (717) 367-6959  or email

Register online by January 2nd to get discounted price of ( not yet determined )

Register after January 2nd and pay regular price of ( not yet determined )